Mayor’S Problems Are Not Unique



I would like to add my comments to the many you have received about the personal difficulties of Mayor Murphy. People seem to be ready to either “forgive” him or to condemn him soundly. I would like to suggest that neither reaction is ideal.

Alcoholism is a disease that affects all areas of life and all persons involved with a drinker. It is apparent to even a casual observer like myself that the Mayor is suffering from this condition. What is happening with him is very typical of what happens in families and all social environments when life is distorted by alcohol.

It seems to me that whether one is inclined to condemn him soundly or to make excuses for or defend his behavior is, as with our former president, a function of one’s political inclinations.

A more functional attitude in my opinion is a realistic one in which one steers clear of emotionality and deals with the realities of an unhappy situation. Whether one wishes to participate in recall initiatives or to take action to lend aid to the mayor in the middle of his problems, it is very helpful to have a detached and kind attitude. The problems of the mayor are in no way unique. They are very typical of the ravages of excessive alcohol use. These ravages are usually accompanied by stressed reactions in those affected by the drinker.

Alcoholic problems are shared by many and I see no need for the town of Payson to be embarrassed that one of its own suffers from these problems. This is not a rare situation.

Lynn Shalaby, Payson

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