Murphy Best Mayor In A Long Time



Our mayor was elected for one reason: to lead the town. He was not elected to set an example for anyone’s morals or beliefs. Mayor Murphy has not been convicted of anything; why don’t you just let it go?

As mayor, I believe he is the best we have had in a long while. He is trying to stop wild town speeding, help the local business people and stop catering to the so-called elite group of people; and just maybe he can clean up the town departments that need it.

The last time I checked, drinking alcohol was not against the law. Who spends all of their time watching the bars, and how do they know what someone is indulging in? I owned a bar for six years (1994-2000) and have been in establishments that serve alcohol many times but can count on one hand how many alcoholic drinks I’ve had in the last 20 years. Many of my customers drank only coffee, iced tea or Pepsi.

The people who use the Roundup webpage to beat up on Mayor Murphy don’t have near the courage or strength that he has. If you haven’t the guts to sign your name to rumors or innuendo, you must have something to hide and shouldn’t be allowed to write anything. Get a life.

What have you done for your country, community, or neighbors in recent years? No one can embarrass you; only you can do that to yourself.

Pat Randall, Payson

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