Too Many Steps In The Wrong Direction



Re: Letters to the Editor, Nov. 19, 2002. “Murphy, a man of good character.”

How can you possibly say Ken Murphy has “clearly taken steps” to address his personal problems when in fact his problems just keep getting worse? Have we all forgotten the issues presented to us, the townspeople of this wonderful community, during the election (flashing his “badge” to lead people to believe he was a law enforcement officer)? Have we forgotten the “Ox Bow” incident? Do we really need to be spending our tax dollars to investigate him every time he wants to be the big man on campus? How many times are we expected to forgive and forget? How many times do we have to get burned by this forked-tooth “politician” who speaks out of both sides of his mouth?

Sure, we all have personal problems, but saying what he said to Officer Dyer was the most inexcusable, immature, unforgivable “mistake” to date.

Let’s come together as a community and do what’s right for the many and not what Murphy wants us to believe its right for him. He’s already proven without a reasonable doubt that he doesn’t care about what’s right for anyone but himself.

What a shame it is to find out that this man who has given years of service in our town council only did it for the advancement of himself not his community.

“Character” is right when you refer to Ken Murphy. And this “character” has taken too many steps in the wrong direction. Ken, if you’ve become mayor for the recognition, it worked, but it’s the wrong recognition this town needs.

Denise Barker, Payson

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