Find It In Your Hearts To Give Murphy And His Family A Chance



I am very upset about the letter written by Katherine M. Bennett. I am upset that it was reported that Ken Murphy would not let the grandparents in to remove the children from the home.

First of all, the children were not in the home.

Second, the only people not letting me in were the police. I went in anyway to talk to Ken.

I was talking to Julie on the cell phone (Julie was not there). Julie expressed that she was sorry about the 911 call and that she was just angry, not in harm’s way. I told Ken and the police this. Julie had me tell the police that she did not need them there, which she did not. Julie’s father and myself were there. We had no fear for anyone’s safety. There was no harm threatened.

I do wish people would contact my husband, Gerald Foster, or myself, Sandy Foster, before reporting information about us. Thank you.

Our love goes out to Julie, Ken and the children as they are working through a difficult time, which they are indeed.

It is the holiday season and my prayer is that everyone will leave them alone to work on their problems. They are getting help, but your daily letters do not help. It is the season for forgiveness and I know that our Father in Heaven is watching over them with love.

Please find it in your hearts to give it a rest.

Marian “Sandy” Foster, Julie Barcom’s mother

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