Police Ask For A Safe Holiday


The Payson Police Department has given its officers extra training in spotting impaired drivers. But they’d rather see prevention prevail, according to Chief Gordon Gartner.

“We are hoping that those hosting parties are responsible, keeping an eye on guests and seeing they don’t drink too much. If they do, we hope there will be designated drivers,” Gartner said.

He said people need to remember the breath alcohol content is now lower, it is only .08, not .10, and according to the law, any level of impairment can result in a DUI arrest.

While there may be extra patrols, if people see patrol cars sitting near bars, it is not necessarily an effort to stop a DUI before it happens. Gartner said patrol cars are generally on the outskirts of town in order to slow down people who are speeding into the community from the state highways.

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