Recall Committee Filing Papers Monday


The Committee to Recall Mayor Murphy will file for its petitions Monday.

Dec. 7 is the first day the papers to start the recall could be obtained, but since it is a Saturday, the formal move will not take place until Monday.

Gordon Metcalf and Carol McCraney, two of the five members organizing the committee, both say they would much rather Murphy resign.

“It would be better for the community and for Murphy if he resigned,” McCraney said.

The Citizens for Better Payson Government and the Committee to Recall Mayor Murphy are two separate groups, Metcalf said.

The Citizens’ group began its advertising campaign two weeks ago, urging the mayor to resign. Metcalf said he resigned as co-chairman of that group to help McCraney with the recall campaign. He said both groups will be working together to some extent.

“We have to be ready, so we are going forward with the recall movement,” McCraney said.

With a recall election, a number of filing deadlines must be met in order to have a recall on the first available election date in March.

“The cost of an election is upsetting, especially the publicity pamphlet that has to be published,” McCraney said. She added that is another reason Murphy’s resignation would be better than a recall.

According to Town Clerk Silvia Smith, an election will cost the town about $15,000. McCraney said the members of the Committee to Recall Mayor Murphy are signing a paper declaring it will not spend more than $500. The citizens group spent less than $500 on its advertising, Metcalf said. The money came from donations made by the members, he added.

“I’m not out to hurt anybody, none of us is. But the embarrassment has to go away. It’s been a total embarrassment. I want to see our town get a fresh start and move forward,” McCraney said.

Murphy declined to comment about the recall.

For more information about the Committee to Recall Mayor Murphy, or to volunteer for it, call McCraney at 472-9947.

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