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Q: I understand Roosevelt Lake is being drained to two percent of its capacity and is not being refilled. Why?

A: According to the Gila County Board of Supervisors, Salt River Project is considering “dropping Roosevelt Lake to 10 percent of its capacity ... for purposes of maintaining the lower Salt River Project lakes in Maricopa County.”

In a Nov. 21 letter to SRP, the supervisors opposed the move, saying it will negatively impact Gila County’s tourism revenue.

“Roosevelt Lake is in Gila County and 80 percent of its water is accumulated through the county’s watersheds,” said Cruz Salas, chairman of the board of supervisors. “We realize that this reservoir is the principal source of water to Maricopa, but we also know that Salt River Project has purchased CAP water to meet the needs of its customers. That being the case, why lower the lake’s level more?”

Q: Is the town ever going to put a left turn signal at Bonita and the Beeline? It’s so hard when you have to wait for a red light to turn left when going from the Beeline to Bonita.

A: Never, according to LaRon Garrett, public works engineer for the town.

“That’s an ADOT issue,” he said. “The town has no control over those signals. To my knowledge there haven’t been any recent counts taken by ADOT to determine whether a left-hand turn signal is needed.”

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