Area Smoke Is Fire Control Effort


The Payson Fire Department, in conjunction with the Regional Payson Area Project, will be conducting brush pile burning operations in the area during the next several weeks.

Recently the department has been thinning the underbrush and bark beetle infested trees from the area of 202 N. Manzanita.

As part of this project, firefighters will be burning small brush piles throughout the property.

This is an ecologically friendly way to replace the nutrients that the remaining healthy trees need, experts say, as well as disposing of the smaller diameter brush on the property.

These brush pile burns will take place during the late morning after the inversion has lifted. The piles will burn down by mid-afternoon and should not contribute much if any smoke to the area during the night.

The thinning was done to provide a demonstration to commercial property owners showing what needs to be done to the many acres of overgrown and potentially dangerous land in the Payson area.

The location of this project was selected due to the possibility of a wildfire starting in the area and spreading to neighboring homes.

This thinning project takes the property back to the approximate condition found in the early 1900s before fire was excluded from the area.

The one-acre demonstration project is funded by the property owner and a RPAP grant with the work being done by private local contractors and local fire department personnel.

Similar projects are planned at other locations in the future.

For concerns, questions or information, call the RPAP hotline, 468-8694, or Payson Fire Department, 474-5242, ext. 3.

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