Leaders Must Be Willing To Be Under Magnifying Glass



I believe that any leader of town, state, country, should be willing to be under the magnifying glass of the public, and that person should be able to lead in wisdom and morality.

I choose to look at a leader as a human being with faults and character traits that are being developed as that individual grows with their experiences and the consequences of their actions, but he or she must not use humanity as an excuse to do what he or she wants.

In looking for a leader, if we choose to examine or look too close to any person’s lifestyle, we would never have a leader.

We all have our issues we must deal with. Human beings without issues do not exist.

Let us take a stand as a town, stay with the people we have elected, and learn from each person we choose, to be our voice.

We will never agree on everything at all times, but we can choose to work together in spite of all our differences. Payson, expect great things in the future of our town. We will overcome and become a better community.

Diana Sexton, Payson

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