Softball Players, Check Your Bats


Before you purchase that $400 bat as a Christmas gift for your softball-playing spouse or friend, you might want to check its certification.

Many of the popular high-performance softball bats are now outlawed by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA).

Only last week, Payson recreation coordinator Teddy Pettet received a fax detailing the certification for bats that must be used in ASA qualifying, regional and sate tournaments. Pettet stresses that the ASA regulations will not necessarily be followed when the recreation department begins spring softball league play in April.

The town recreation department is responsible for coming up with its own set of rules and regulations regarding equipment to be used, he said.

Some high-performance bats have turned highly controversial because balls hit off them travel with such great velocity.

The bats are especially dangerous to opposing pitchers who might not have the reaction time to dodge a ball hit toward the mound.

Throughout the country, players have suffered injuries after being struck by batted balls.

According to Pettet, the recreation department has studied other ways of making the game safer other than outlawing bats. Those methods could include moving the pitching xxxxx

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mound further away from the plate and using restricted flight softballs.

However, Pettet stressed that when local players enter and participate in ASA tournaments, the bats they use must comply with ASA standards.

Among the most controversial bats, Pettet said, are the Miken Velocit-E Ultra Balanced and Maxload.

Other bats that must have a certification mark before they can be used in ASA tournaments are manufactured by DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Steele’s and Worth.

The following is a list of bats that are no longer allowed in ASA play, unless they are stamped with an ASA recertification mark:

  • Demarini B-52**
  • DeMarini Doublewall Classic**
  • DeMarini Doublewall Demolition**
  • DeMarini Doublewall Distance **
  • Demarini Fatboy**
  • Easton STS4 Tri-Shell ConneXion**
  • Louisville Slugger SB103 (a.k.a. Genesis)**
  • Miken Velocit-E Ultra (Balanced)
  • Miken Velocit-E Ultra (Maxload)
  • Steele’s Triple XXX
  • Worth 3DX**
  • Worth EST5**
  • Worth EST23**
  • Worth ESTL**
  • Worth PST (a.k.a. PST 137)**
  • Worth SSEST**
  • * Indicates those bat models authorized to bear the ASA recertification mark.

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