Tax Dollars Should Not Be Used For A Lynching



Don’t use taxpayer funds for a lynching.

I believe that’s what it’s called when a group of angry citizens tries and convicts another based on rumor and gossip. What happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”?

Suggesting the mayor resign to “work on personal problems” is unbelievable.

Since when has forced termination been used to “assist” someone with personal or family issues?

I’m thankful to work for a corporation where we assist our employees in times of need instead of firing them.

It doesn’t sound like any of this has affected his job performance, even detractors concede he has done a good job as mayor in several areas.

Thanks to Mrs. Foster for providing some facts amongst the gossip and rumors.

So in reality, the mayor was arrested for allegedly having a verbal argument and drink in his own home, scary.

Oh the Ox Bow. We’re led to believe the fire marshal can’t be wrong, but I beg to differ. I remember quite well the 2001 rodeo dance where Mogollon had to keep announcing the fire marshal would shut down the party if people did not disperse.

Why can’t fire marshals work with businesses and event organizers ahead of time instead of threatening them?

The real story that night was outside the Ox Box where at least four law enforcement units with lights on Main Street when I arrived, and later when I left. I did not see them on 87 or 260, sounds targeted.

Either there were a record number of arrests that night, or people were being harassed. In any case, it was not a nice welcome for visitors and a new business. I finally understood why many Valley folk say Payson’s slogan is “Come visit Payson on vacation, go home on probation.” It’s also clear why people want a bypass road around Payson.

So were the mayor’s alleged offenses really that bad in light of the situations? I think not, and I don’t think any of it compares to the conduct of others in creating an unfriendly image of Payson.

It certainly doesn’t rank up there with forest closures, wild fires, water, and now the bark beetle. I think there are many more pressing issues that need to be addressed for Payson’s image than the mayor.

How about donating the $15,000 to Pine to help with tree removal so that the next lightening strike does not torch their entire community?

Rick Washburn, Payson

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