Tips To Save Trees From Thieves



It’s hard to come up with words to explain the kind of person who would cut down a beautiful tree in someone’s yard as occurred recently. The thief saved just a small fraction of what it would cost to replace the tree if it could be replaced at all.

Now the victim also has the task of removing the stump that was left by the thief and the anguish and anger that the whole ordeal has caused him.

I know how he must feel and how I would feel if a thief cut down one of my trees that I took such care in raising.

This isn’t the first time that a thief has done this in Payson and it has made me aware that it could happen to me, so I came up with an idea to reduce the risk of someone cutting down my trees.

I went to Foxworth and purchased four lengths of 1/2-inch by 4-foot long rebar for each tree that I wanted to protect. At one dollar each the cost is only $4 per tree. I placed the rebar from the ground up evenly spaced and as close to the trunk as possible but leaving about an inch or two for growth. Then using coat hanger wire I wrapped the wire around all four rebar rods and twisted them as tight as possible near the bottom, top and middle of the rods and snipped off the ends near the twist.

The rods are not visible and it is impossible to touch the trunk with a saw and you could not remove the rebar in the dark. At a cost of $4 plus 15 minutes per tree it is well worth the piece of mind.

Wayne Donnay, Payson

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