Ranch House ‘Smokes’ The Competition In Pine


Tired of working for other people, the Boccardo brothers have moved to Pine and have opened their own joint, the Ranch House.

“It was almost a turn key operation,” Mark said. “Other than the elbow grease,” Scott said.


Brothers Mark and Scott Boccardo are drawing customers far and wide to the Ranch House. With meats smoking in front of the business, folks can smell the menu before they walk in.

The Ranch House opened in June as a family investment, buthe brothers had also learned a lot about the tastes of Rim country connoisseurs.

Studying their clientele will be the key to their continued success, Mark said.

“After six months, the food quality is where I want it to be,” he said.

The Ranch House offers regional favorites such as hamburgers and Friday fish fries. The brothers offer banquets and catering as well. They are trying to add more seafood selections and other unique entrees, although more variety may be hard to come by in the winter.

The Boccardos focus on barbecue and smokehouse-style food, that can usually be seen smoking in the landmark black smoker in front of the business. Along with the beef, pork, buffalo and even venison can sometimes be smelled for miles around smoking at the Ranch House.

The boys caramelize all the meat with brown sugar before it goes in to smoke to create the unique flavor that has gained them a steady supply of repeat customers.

“We rub and massage every piece of meat as well,” Mark said.

To make their ribs even sweeter, they use a molasses base sauce.

“It’s a lot sweeter and stickier,” Mark said. “We do not guarantee that it will be healthy, but we guarantee it’s good.”

“If it was healthy, we would not be this big,” Scott said with a chuckle. “The food is simple; it’s not gourmet, but that doesn’t mean it can’t taste good.”

And it runs the average cost as well. It’s about $5 to $6 for a lunch item and about $7 for dinner entrees.

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