Time, Action Will Tell For Mayor


As Mayor Ken Murphy read his prepared statement to the community during Thursday night’s council meeting, his words were reminiscent of a statement he made to the media during his election campaign" that he would never do anything to embarrass the town or the office of mayor.

Like his campaign promise, the words sound sincere, but also can be seen as a political maneuver in the face of a recall. Concerned residents are left balancing his words with his actions.

What’s of greater concern to us is his continued failure to take responsibility for those actions. In his statement Thursday, he once again implies that the controversy surrounding his negative public behavior is simply the product of false allegations, lies and gossip written about him. In short, Murphy would have us ignore his arrest, past deferred prosecution, numerous police reports and dozens of official witness statements.

Had he stood tall and taken responsibility for his actions early on, it would be much easier for the public to feel confident in this latest promise. Instead, his earlier words echo “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

In the spirit of fair play, we choose to believe that he sincerely desires to serve our community and will work to temper his actions to the best of his ability in order to live up to his new promise.

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