Missing Money Could Make For Miserable Christmas



Last week, I lost my billfold containing my checkbook, my credit cards, and other personal information, along with a substantial amount of cash. I usually don’t have cash on me, but in this case, I had just sold some personal items to enable me to pay December’s rent and, hopefully, purchase a Christmas present or two for my daughter.

I would like to thank the woman who turned in my billfold to the manager. All my personal information, checkbook, and credit cards were there. This was as big relief to me. However, I don’t know if she found it this way, or if she is the one responsible, but all my cash was taken. This has been a big setback for me. I was not able to pay December’s rent and my daughter is going to have very little from me for Christmas. My daughter and I will make it through this crisis somehow. I only hope that the person responsible for taking my money from my lost wallet had a greater need for it than I did, and put it to good use, perhaps for Christmas for their family.

Jacquie Normand, Payson

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