Murphy’S Pledge To Payson Residents


To the citizens of Payson:

I know that the recent allegations have disappointed many of you. I can assure you that I have never endured a harder period in my life. Although I believe that my side of these allegations has not been fully heard, or appreciated, the belief that “Perception is reality” cannot be ignored.

I recently met with representatives calling for my resignation. We discussed several issues and the members present were all in agreement that a recall would be a long, painful and costly process for our community. The representatives further expressed the belief that if I make the following promise that community pressure for my resignation or recall would be substantially reduced.

Therefore, I pledge that should I be the cause of a public and controversial event during the remainder of my term, I will voluntarily resign my office as mayor.

This promise has some responsibility for you, too. Over the past few weeks, completely false rumors, allegations and out-and-out lies have been gossiped or written about me. They are too disgusting to repeat. Therefore, unsubstantiated accusations will not be pertinent under this agreement, nor would they be a basis to require compliance with this pledge.

Payson is my home, my children were born here. I have a long history of service to this community. I am entitled to a personal life; however, I have a responsibility to do so with dignity and proper conduct for myself and for the community.

I love Payson, and I want to continue to serve as your mayor. I want to do so in a way to bring honor to you. I know how to do the job nd I have learned a very hard lesson in what it means to let you down.

Kenneth P. Murphy, Mayor, Town of Payson

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