Murphy’S Promise A Positive Step



I’m Don Crowley, co-chairman of the Citizens for Better Payson Government. Our group was formed a few weeks ago with the initial purpose of urging Mayor Ken Murphy to resign, or finding some other suitable alternative an objective prompted in large measure by the unfortunate publicity that recent events have brought to this town.

To date, approximately 500 Payson citizens have come forward to join our call to action. At the same time, we received only five communications that opposed our position, four of which were anonymous. I think that speaks volumes.

I want to publicly thank those who’ve been willing to step forward on an issue that, while unpleasant, is vital to our community and its future.

I also want to thank the many other people, who were reticent to add their names to our list because of their positions in our community, but nonetheless have given ample encouragement to us and our cause.

The broad support for our position represents the triumph of active grass roots democracy over the passiveness that all too often permits problems to fester and a few narrowly focused cliques and power brokers to dominate the decision making.

Like you, we want our wonderful community to be at its best, and these people who have come forward are showing you a willingness to work toward that goal.

Regarding Mr. Murphy’s statement (at last week’s council meeting), I can only speak personally, and not for our Citizens group, which will need to confer on this development.

However, I and others I’ve talked to view his commitment to resign should he be the focus of another negative event as a very positive and necessary step crucial for both the Town of Payson and Mr. Murphy’s political future.

Equally important to reduce the likelihood of additional negative events taking place, many of us would urge Mr. Murphy to seek qualified professional guidance on the issues of chemical dependency and anger management.

In sum, I applaud this step by Mr. Murphy, and I believe other supporters of the Citizens for Better Payson Government will view it positively, as well.

Don Crowley, Citizens for Better Payson Government

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