Carolers Spread Cheer Around Creek



Santa arrived Saturday afternoon by fire truck with the sirens blasting and cheers from onlookers. Each child was given a Santa hat or antlers to wear and had their picture taken with Santa.

After the children told Santa their Christmas wishes, they were given a stocking full of toys to take home. Then they decorated food boxes that were delivered later that evening by volunteers.

They also got to eat some delicious cookies and drink some hot chocolate for their hard work.

That evening, the singing sleigh arrived at the Landmark for all the singing wannabes. We all donned Santa hats or antlers and headed for Olive's trailer park, where it seemed like no one wanted to hear us.

As we approached Charles and Willene Byrne's place, someone said Charles left the room to hide. Not discouraged, we continued on and stopped at Trisha Latus and Toria Blank's place, they came out and clapped. Austin Williams and Garret Stucke jumped on the cart and joined us for a while.

Next stop was Creekside Steakhouse, where we sang a few songs and continued on our merry way.

We headed down Columbine and were cheerfully greeted by Steve and Margo Holmes. They seemed happy to see us, so we sang a few songs.

The next stop was Viki Grootegood's and she came out to see us, although she was reluctant to join us.

As we headed to the other end of Columbine, we had to duck as we went under the trees, because some of the limbs were hitting us in the face.

We sang to Mimi Tidwell and Steve Graham and Carol Watson, then traveled on down Apple Lane, where we went caroling at Clayton and Elli Ashby's house. They seemed to like our singing, although we are not sure if Clayton hears very well.

I think we got better as we went. I know we had "Jingle Bells" down pat by the time we were done.

We wrapped up by singing to a couple who had just arrived from the Valley. They thought we came by just to greet them.

All in all it was a fun night and some of us headed back to the fire hall for hot chocolate and cookies.

Special thanks to the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association for putting all this together.

Special thanks to Jim Laffey who does the jolly old man every year and to Assistant Fire Chief Bob Lusson who drives the fire truck to pick up Santa. Bob also pulls the singing sleigh and puts up with our so-called singing.

Thanks to Scotty VanEckhoutte who follows us in the brush truck to keep us safe, and Randy Dawson who rode on the cart and had to listen to us.

I wish you all a blessed and Merry Christmas.

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