Gratitude Shared For Help During Summer Fires



It is now six months since the start of the Chediski Fire, and come Dec. 25, six months since Heber/Overgaard had the monster on our doorsteps.

It seems very appropriate at this time and season to pause and thank all the people of Payson and the surrounding area for the wonderful support at that time. The outpouring of material and emotional help was a truly humbling experience to us.

We were lucky in that we had friends in Mesa who gave us a home during that time.

However, I drove up to Payson several times to catch the daily briefings in the school gym. I was able to see firsthand everything that was laid out and organized for us. I saw the piles of goods and food of every description laid out for the taking. I saw the love, concern and care you extended to us all.

The fire is now behind us and we move on, but our gratitude to the people of your community will be there forever. In a time of huge stress, and loss for some, you were there for us.

Thank you so very much.

We wish you all a joyous Christmas, or however you might celebrate this time of the year, and a wonderful 2003.

Graham and Anne McDonald, Overgaard

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