Lawsuits Suck Life From True Environmental Efforts In Forest



What a terrible tragedy we see occurring in our beautiful outback. Our tree-covered mountains decimated by drought, fire and an invasion of tree-killing insects.

Mother Nature has played a part in this horrible crisis. Inadequate rain or snow has caused the trees to be more vulnerable to fire and insects.

Why are our forests in such deplorable condition?

Not because our Forest Service specialists do not know how to rectify this tragic situation. Their range specialists, silva-culturists and other scientifically-trained individuals find it difficult to manage the forest properly because of actions taken by various environmental groups.

The cattle are gone from the mountains, even though the range scientist says that there is only one way to bring back a depleted range. "Put cattle on it, under controlled conditions."

The timber companies are gone, as the environmentalists want nature to solve most of the over-growth problem. And, it is with a vengeance.

The mines are also gone, as it's apparently bad to despoil the pristine terrain. However, just try to get along without minerals.

Who are these individuals who file a plethora of suits? None other than the self-proclaimed lovers of nature; some of your better known environmental groups.

As Kieran Suckling of the Center for Biological Diversity recently stated in a letter to The Arizona Republic, "We have filed just one lawsuit against an active timber sale in Arizona in the past five years." What he failed to mention was that his organization has made a cottage industry of suing federal agencies over missed deadlines and taken them to federal court, claiming environmental studies were improperly performed.

C.B.D. is not alone in filing a multitude of lawsuits against various federal agencies, as the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Wilderness Society and other well-known groups are also very litigious.

So, instead of spending all of their time resolving the problems in the outback, the various governmental agencies devote an inordinate amount of time defending themselves in court.

And you, John Doe Citizen, wonder why there are so many unresolved problems in the outback. Now you know!

C. H. Henline, Payson

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