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Q: I received the Credit for Kids mailing recently and I noticed that the return address is Payson Unified School District No. 10. What happened to the first nine?

A: Each district and school in the state is assigned a CTDS number (which stands for "county/type/district/ school), according to Tara Teichgraeber, press secretary for the Arizona Department of Education.

"It's a multi-digit number that the department uses to track and distinguish districts and schools in our records," she said.

Payson High School's full number, for example, is 040210201, 04 (for Gila County), 02 (because PUSD is a unified district as opposed to a high school or elementary district) 10 (which is PUSD's identifying number) and 201 for PHS (2 for secondary and 1 for the first high school in the district).

By the way, the Credit for Kids deadline is Dec. 31. Call the PUSD office at 474-2070 for more information.

Q: The practice of putting fliers under windshield wiper blades in Wal-Mart's and other parking lots seems to be on the increase again. Most of them end up getting thrown on the ground, creating a real litter problem. Isn't it against the law to distribute fliers this way?

A: "It is unlawful to put fliers on vehicles," Lt. Don Engler of the Payson Police Department, said. "It's against town ordinance -- even in private parking lots."

Call the police department to report such activity.

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