Lout Deserves A Lump Of Coal



I enjoy reading your Good Guy articles. Let me tell you of someone who does not deserve a good guy award.

A few days ago, I drove into a local bank ATM. A car drove in behind me. After inserting my card, pushing buttons, etc., I waited for my cash to come out. Instead, my card along came out with a notice that my request "cannot be processed at this time". Knowing there was cash available in the account, I reinserted the card with, again, the same results. I later learned the card had become demagnetized.

During this time, a loud voice from the car behind kept calling out, "Hurry up, old lady," "Come on, old lady." Finally losing my cool, I shouted back "Knock it off." The shouter was right about one thing -- I am an old lady. Had I been younger, my retort would have been more forceful.

I'm hopeful this rude, uncouth lout gets the gift he deserves on Christmas morning - a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking.

V. Nilsen, Payson

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