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Q: Weren't they going to build a new Motor Vehicle Division facility over on Tyler Parkway? What happened? Did it get caught in the budget crunch along with the state parks and universities?

A: Pretty much, according to Bertha Escobido, customer service representative for the Payson MVD office, which is still located down on Frontier Street.

"Actually it's scheduled for the next fiscal year, which begins in July, but I don't know," Escobido said. "With the financial crisis, everything is up in the air. We were supposed to be in it last January."

The good news: "At least the land is there," she said.

Q: You recently ran a story about how the town is no longer going to maintain private roads. My question is, can property owners fence off those roads, and, can the police department write tickets if you do something wrong on those roads?

A: "First of all, the town has not taken a stand that it's not going to maintain (private roads) at this point," Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett said. "It has been discussed, and there are some public meetings coming up in January to discuss it further. Then it will go back to the town council for a final decision."

The answers to your questions:

In theory, private roads can be fenced off as long as the neighbors who use them all agree and any easements are honored, but it sounds like clearing up all the legal issues would make it a logistical nightmare.

"If the road is maintained by the town, we can issue citations," Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said. "But on private property we can't, with limited exceptions like DUI and reckless driving."

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