Creation And Credit For Life Belong To God


Friday morning, a controversial group called Clonaid announced the birth of a cloned baby girl named Eve. If true, the birth would be the first-ever human clone.

During the news conference, held in Florida, the organization's scientific director, Brigitte Boisselier, stood at the podium and praised her spiritual leader, Rael, and said, "All things are created by science."

Boisselier is a bishop in the Raelian movement. Raelism is a religious movement in France, founded by Claude Vorilhon, who calls himself Rael.

The basic doctrine of Raelism is that extraterrestrials created humans on earth by DNA manipulation, and humans will have immortality through cloning. They teach that these aliens terraformed the earth.

In essence, the Raelian teachings place the miracle of life in the hands of men and extraterrestrials -- that science, not God, is to be credited for all life and everything good that has ever been created.

They proclaim that there are three steps in the advancement of the technique of cloning:

1. Creating genetically identical time-delayed twins;

2. The accelerated growth process to build a whole body in a very short time;

3. Transfer of the mind into the newly created body (a kind of "mind uploading").

By scientific proof of the feasibility thereof, they want to show e.g. that Jesus could have been cloned.

I am not against cloning for medical advancements such as stem cell research. But cloning technology should be used to make life better, not to make life.

Even when scientists successfully cloned Dolly the sheep in 1997, it took 276 failed attempts. What kind of society would allow this to be done to humans?

But perhaps the greatest wrong is science again trying to push humanity one more step away from acknowledging God.

It's not hard to look back on the history of man and see the fate of civilizations who turned to the pride of their own hearts, or who worshiped things created by the hands of men. They made their kings their gods, and called their work divine.

Now they are gone.

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