Crosswinds Gets New Owner


For some Payson area connoisseurs, there is nothing like enjoying a warm piece of pie or a freshly cooked breakfast as you watch aircraft fly in over the Mogollon Rim.

For others, there is nothing like cooking that meal in their own restaurant after nearly two decades of dreaming.


The new owners of the airport Crosswinds Restaurant, Roger and Darla Annabel (center) toast the local realtors who helped make their dream come true -- Bee Baxter (left) and Beth Myers (right).

That dream recently came true for Roger and Darla Annabel, the new owners of the Crosswinds Restaurant at the Payson Airport.

"You know that feeling when you have a dream for the future?" Darla Annabel explains. "For 17 years we've worked for a restaurant corporation. Now we're going to work for us." Both Darla and her husband, Roger, had been working for the Perkins restaurant company in the East Mesa area - Darla as a 17-year general manager, and Roger as food production manager for 15 years.

"We've been watching Payson for five years now," Annabel said. "We liked the small town atmosphere, but wanted a restaurant that was not too far away from our kids and grandkids in Mesa."

Working with local realtors, the Annabels received a call to consider purchasing the Crosswinds Restaurant. "We walked in and fell in love," Annabel said. "It was the perfect spot."

Plans for Takeoff

Residents who have been to the Crosswinds know the restaurant offers a million-dollar view of the Mogollon Rim and the airport runway. The former owners, Tom and Jo Estabrook and Neil and Jerri MacVicar, operated the restaurant for nearly a decade and maintained a good menu according to the Annabels.

"The previous owners ran a great menu," Annabel said. "We're adding new specials like eggs benedict and some delicious new sandwiches like a turkey club melt and a hot meatloaf sandwich."

The Annabels are also planning on restoring the aviation theme of the restaurant.

"Our guests seem to like the airplanes, airplane models and pictures." Annabel said. "It's fun and appropriate - and fun is why people go to a place like this to get away, or just relax."

To enjoy breakfast on a crisp winter morning, or to watch aircraft as you dine, visit the Crosswinds Restaurant at 800 W. Airport Road. Call them at 474-1613.

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