Gun Barrel Builder Buys Town Property


Schneider Rifle Barrel is coming to Payson.

The town council agreed to sell Gary Schneider Lot 31 in Sky Park Industrial Subdivision at its Dec. 12 meeting. The council accepted Schneider's offer of $32,000 for the property, which was appraised at $50,000.

The deal was made because projections by the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation show Schneider would put seven Payson residents to work with an average salary of $31,200.

The business is currently in Scottsdale and the Payson operation would be an expansion.

Schneider said his customers include the U.S. Marshal Service; U.S. Secret Service; FBI; Army, Navy and U.S. Marines Special Ops; numerous SWAT teams such as the LAPD and other government agencies; and civilian base users such as the U.S. and European Olympic Teams and many competitive shooters, including the past and present national champion.

The company makes high-quality rifle barrels for sniper-type shooting that require a computer controlled lathe.

Councilor Dick Wolfe said he was impressed with the proposal and asked when the business would be operational.

"We expect to have construction completed, or well under way in six months," Schneider said.

The council approved the sale 7-0.

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