Payson Center For Success Students Have Eyes Opened At Thomas J. Pappas School


Payson Center For Success High School students were given the opportunity to visit the Thomas J. Pappas School.

I believe that this trip was the most important and honorable trip that we have ever taken.

Thomas J. Pappas is a school for homeless children.

Their buses travel over 1,000 miles a day, searching for the students who are spread throughout the city streets. The school has a total of 2,100 students attending daily. They bring the students in and not only feed and clothe them but also provide them with a good education, medical and dental services.

The Pappas School's unique organizational structure prevents it from using property tax dollars or bonds for building or operations. Because it helps children county-wide, it cannot tax the community twice so it is continually in need of donations to be able to operate.

The students at Pappas are precious children who have no control over the situations they are in and need help to overcome the poverty in their lives. This school offers hope to these children and helps them to succeed.

PCS students were given the privilege of working with them. I felt that our eyes were opened to the reality of destitution in our state. We saw how big an impact one person can have on these children's lives, and were encouraged to help out as much as we could.

During our visit we were able to sit down and sing and play with the children. We were able to get to know them, and make as much of an impression on their lives as we could in that small amount of time. Our trip to the school was a very humbling experience that we will never forget. Thanks to Credit for Kids, we were able to make this trip.

There are various ways that you can help out, whether you would like to donate money, clothes, or food, or perhaps you would rather volunteer your time.

If you would like to find out more about the school the website is "" or you can call Ernalee Phelps (602) 452-4750 for more information on how you can make a difference.

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