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Q: I saw the item in the paper about Payson Community Kids participating in the town's Adopt-A-Street program. I think that's wonderful, but isn't it dangerous to have young children doing that?

A: The Payson Community Kids are extremely well supervised when they are picking up litter. The town's stringent safety guidelines for the program require prior approval by the town for children under 12, no more than 10 children per adult supervisor, and that supervisors visually monitor students at all times. In addition, Payson Community Kids follow another list of safety requirements that, among other things, doesn't allow them to pet dogs, pick up glass or other sharp objects, or go into the street. Supervisors are also required to go through a town training program, and all participants -- both children and adults -- are required to wear safety vests provided by the town.

Q: Why did Wal-Mart take away the Angel Trees so early? I went in there last Wednesday to pick up a name and they were gone. It was a full week before Christmas.

A: With more than 700 children to provide gifts for, it's a massive undertaking to get everything sorted and delivered on time. All six of the Angel Trees located around the Rim country were taken down a week before Christmas, which is the same time frame as previous years.

"We have to make sure every child is provided with a toy, and we try to balance the number of toys," said Scott Smith, president of Payson Toy Drive, the organization that runs the Santa's List and Angel Tree programs.

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