Accident Victim Home For Christmas


The Dec. 14 accident on the Gisela Road, which claimed three lives, had a happy outcome for one of its victims.

Tommy Cundiff, 8, was able to come home on Christmas Day.

"It was the best Christmas gift ever," said Tiffany Bowen, a relative of Cundiff's stepfather, Kevin Bowen.

Tiffany is working with Bank of America to set up a special fund to help with Cundiff's medical expenses. She said the people at the bank told her anyone wishing to make a contribution just needs to come in and ask to make a deposit in the fund.

"He's doing better," Tiffany said.

According to another relative, the boy reportedly had to have plastic surgery on his face, had a crushed skull, torn liver, bruised lung, internal bleeding, a broken wrist and required a blood transfusion.

Another of the nine people in the Dodge Durango, Bobby Spencer, is reportedly still in a coma, said Det. George Ratliff of the Gila County Sheriff's Office.

He said the sheriff's department is still awaiting the results of autopsies on the three fatalities, Oscar "Steven" Spencer, 15, of Gisela; Katherine Spencer, 33, of Phoenix; and Randy Diaz, 45, of Phoenix.

Ratliff said the autopsies on the two males are being conducted by Pima County. The autopsy on the female is being done by Maricopa County.

Ratliff said his department also is waiting on a toxicology report on the female.

Earlier reports said alcohol did not appear to be a factor in the tragic accident, however, drugs had not been ruled out, making a toxicology screening necessary.

Ratliff said he did not know when the various medical reports would be given to his office.

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