Coach Saben Deserves Better Treatment



I was surprised and very disappointed that Dave Bradley and the staff at Payson High School has elected not to renegotiate football head coach Steve Saben's contract.

It is apparent that the staff at Payson High School is unsure in what direction they want their football program to go. My son, Levi Amon, had the opportunity to play football for Payson High for four years. He and Levi Armstrong were selected and played in the North-South All Star Game in Casa Grande at the end of the 2002 season. Unfortunately, during their four years at Payson High, they played under three different head coaches.

Payson has a head coach that has taken the team to the playoffs two years in a row, has put together a weight-lifting program, has put together a football program that makes students want to play the game, and has been selected 3A Coach of the Year in his first year coaching in Payson, and now the school wants to let him go and start a program all over again.

As most people are aware, Payson High School has lost several good head coaches over the past five years. There appears to be more than just a personnel problem taking place.

Other than the FFA program and the Arizona High School Rodeo Association -- which Payson High School does not participate in as a school sport, I personally will be very hesitant to support any future Payson High School sports program until the problem is rectified.

I wish Coach Saben the best of luck in whichever direction he decides to go. He deserves better than the way he was treated by some of the parents, ex-coaches and the staff at Payson High School.

Michael J. Amon, Payson

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