Is A Third Trial Really Necessary?



The Dec. 10 trial of Paul Roosen ended yesterday (Thursday) with another hung jury. First-degree murder has been eliminated of Calista Wright, acquitted.

There was a hung jury on the rest of 10-2 count -- 10 not guilty, two guilty, deadlocked at noon.

Paul Roosen is my little brother, whom I love dearly. I truly believe he is innocent of all charges and I think it's wrong and unfair that Gila County plans on retrying Paul Roosen a third time Feb. 25, 2003. Do they just prosecute over and over till they get the verdict they want?

It seems to me he has been tried twice by a jury of his peers who have not been able to convict him beyond reasonable doubt. They cannot prove he killed Calista -- his friend -- by our American Justice System, who are daily releasing people from prison for wrongly convictions. And yet, they are using our system and your tax dollars a third time now after two mistrials. They cannot convict him of the murder of his friend Calista Wright because he did not kill her, and the evidence supports it.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

Jeanette Roosen, Tempe

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