Resolutions For Your Pets



New Year's Eve seems to come around a little quicker each year. The New Year marks a new beginning. A time to start fresh and resolve to do better.

We are living at a time when the world needs changing and just maybe I can do one little thing to help make it a better place. If each of us would do just one little thing, think of the difference we would make.

Walking with my dogs, I am surrounded with such natural beauty. We are all saddened with the loss of so many of our cherished ponderosa pines, but there remains a wealth of beauty in our mountains, blue sky and a wonderful variety of trees and greenery. My two little living Christmas trees will be planted in the spring. Life goes on. Let us conserve water and keep our wonderful land litter free. And let's all plant a tree.

As we are making our resolutions for the New Year, our dogs have been working on their lists as well. They have provided me with the short list, a rough draft.

Higgins, Megan, Gibson and friends New Year's resolutions:

We resolve that we will not beg for food from the table except when it is just family. When company is here, we will stay on our blanket, act like very well behaved pups and wait for the measly leftovers that come our way.

We resolve that we will not bark needlessly, hour after hour, for no apparent reason. When we do bark, which we must do from time to time, it will be for a very good reason -- such as a squirrel teasing us from overhead or just maybe there is a rabbit in that hole over there.

We resolve that we will not get on the furniture -- at least not when anyone is home. Who could ever prove that those dog hairs on the sofa are ours?

We resolve that we will be forever grateful when someone takes us for a walk. And to go to the dog park -- WOW!

We resolve that we will not steal food from the kitchen counter -- when anyone is looking.

We resolve that we will sleep on the floor on our very own blanket, unless the opportunity arises where it is just too tempting to jump on the bed with the folks and be warm and comfortable.

We resolve not to jump on people when our paws are muddy, although there may be a time or two when we are not aware that our paws are muddy.

We resolve to give unconditional love to those special people in our lives. After all, that is our real job.

That's quite enough resolving for this new year.

As we all look ahead to a new year, a new beginning, filled with love and caring, sharing and appreciating the wealth that we all have, we wish you a very meaningful and Happy New Year.

Christy Wrather is a columnist for the Payson Roundup. She can be reached by e-mail at, or by snail-mail at HC1 Box 1521, Strawberry, AZ 85544.

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