Stories for February 2002


Thursday, February 28

cats in the hats

In honor of Dr. Seuss Day, Austen Perona, Kylie Ridley and Addie Becker sported the traditional Cat-in-the-Hat headwear Thursday at Raggedy Ann's Preschool on West Sherwood.

Council ranks top priorities

Water remains the top priority of the Payson Town Council, the only issue receiving unanimous support among 28 under consideration for inclusion in the town's corporate strategic plan.

Hoop skills

Rim Country Middle School sixth-grader Levi Neal knows his way around a basketball court.

Strong roster could

Roster depth could be one of the keys to the Longhorn golf team repeating as state champions, coach Brett Morse said.

Horns tune up at 3-state showdown

For four consecutive days, the Payson High School baseball team will call Mohave Valley home.

Log home builder breaks record

Dr. Larry George's latest building project is hardly your average log home.

Gerrie Thomas

Gerrie Thomas, former Payson resident, died Feb. 22, 2002.

Ann Crain

Ann M. Leahy Crain, 80, of Payson, died Feb. 27, 2002, in Payson. She was born Sept. 14, 1921, in Ewing, Neb.

Ruth Cowell

Ruth Eileen Cowell, 56, of Star Valley, died Feb. 21, 2002, in Phoenix. She was born June 25, 1945, in Ishpeming, Mich.

White, Murphy battle over ' Lie '

I may be old-fashioned, but I was taught that what was said in a private meeting was to remain private.

War on drugs is a failure

Methamphetamine is the latest dangerous drug to be making headlines, but it won't be the last until policymakers acknowledge the drug war's inherent failure.

Buettner "a high caliber candidate'

It is with great honor that I write this letter on behalf of Judy Buettner, candidate for town council. I have known and worked with Judy for more than 25 years, starting here in local politics and civic efforts.

Fire prevention is everyone's responsibility

It's a mantra heard most every spring, when winter chill gives way to spring fever.

Woman jailed

Payson police officers had their hands full when they responded to a disturbance at Famous Sam's Sunday night.

Students chip in for classmate's new wheelchair

The student council members at Julia Randall Elementary School wanted to help somebody, somewhere. They just didn't know who.

Dorothy Carr

Dorothy Sue Carr, 65, of Payson, died Feb. 27, 2002. She was born April 17, 1936, in Martin, Tenn., and had lived in Arizona since 1981.

Javelina run amok in East Verde Estates

Residents of East Verde Estates have some new neighbors, and some of them aren't too happy about the addition. After a weekend meeting of the residents, a squabble over the newcomers is no closer to resolution than before.

Family loses all in mobile home fire

Darlene Martin had just begun her Monday morning shift at Jack-in-the-Box when she learned that her world was in the process of going up in smoke.

Monday, February 25

One arrest could wrap up series of crimes

The arrest of 26-year-old Andrew R. Snoeberger Saturday, Feb. 23 may wrap up a number of cases under investigation by local law enforcement agencies.

Dunman's diamond crew faces Winslow in preseason scrimmage

Payson High Lady Longhorns opened their softball season with a scrimmage against Winslow Thursday, Feb. 21.

Local artist, ranger has a way with animals

Call most women Squirrel Mama and they'd probably take offense.

Coaches praise MSA's Rim country mission

In a thank-you letter penned over a year ago, former Longhorn wrestling coach Dennis Pirch spouted praise for the Mogollon Sporting Association.

Tuba City takes 3-peat at state meet

Months ago, coach Shaun Hardt and his Lady Longhorns knew all too well that the Tuba City Warrior basketball express was steaming toward a three-peat.

$125K in cocaine, marijuana seized

Payson police intercepted a load of cocaine and marijuana with an estimated street value of more than $125,000, Friday, Feb. 22, at a local motel.

Catch your ZZZs

The vast majority of people need a bare minimum of eight hours of sleep a night, yet Americans average only 6.7 hours.

Dorothy Zimmermann

Dorothy Hilda Zimmermann, 88, of Payson, died Feb. 21, 2002, in Mesa. She was born Dec. 26, 1913, in Sheboygan, Wis.

Dukes of dunk duel in the dome

In the interest of the quadratic formula, Pythagorean theorem and logarithms, a nationally known comedy basketball team will soon tickle the funny bone of Rim country hoop fans. Proceeds from the basketball circus benefit the high school math club.

Human spirit triumphs in Olympic drama

If you love great drama, you just had to love the Salt Lake City Winter Olynpic Games.

Valona Varnum

Valona Jo Varnum, 55, of Payson, died Feb. 23, 2002, in Phoenix. She was born Nov. 13, 1946, in Enid, Okla.

Eugene Taylor

Eugene M. "Tex" Taylor, 75, of Payson, died Feb. 24, 2002, in Payson. He was born Oct. 15, 1926, in Bokchito, Okla.

Marguerite Henry

Marguerite Edna Henry, 84, of Cottonwood, died Feb. 20, 2002, in Cottonwood. She was born May 19, 1917, in Pioche, Nev

Juanita Bibb

Juanita Fern Bibb, 74, of Overgaard, died Feb. 24, 2002, in Payson. She was born May 15, 1927, in Paducah, Texas.

Community Kids go nonprofit

Payson Community Kids, the group of young people sponsored by the town's Community Development Department, is making it easier for Rim country residents to lend their support.

'We are different people now'

There are no words to adequately express our gratitude for the outpouring of sympathy for the loss of our oldest son, Antony.

Mayor declines write-in campaign offer

As we rapidly approach the close of election year 2002, there have been rumors circulating that I may be seeking reelection to the office of mayor as a "write-in" candidate.

Murphy is the qualified choice for Payson

It was clearly evident that good professional journalism flew right out the window when the Roundup published the (no byline) article on the mayoral candidates in its Friday, Feb. 8 edition.

Bond issue: fact or fiction

When Payson voters go to the polls on March 12, one of the issues they'll decide is whether the town should sell $3.8 million in bonds to pay for specific street improvement projects.

Town council gives corporate strategic plan a look

The Payson Town Council will convene at 5 p.m. Thursday in special session to hold preliminary discussions on the annual update to the town's corporate strategic plan.

Thursday, February 21

Bealls Outlet to open new discount store in Payson

Yet another national discount merchandiser is coming to Payson.

Pooches prepare for bark park premiere

The chain link fencing began going up this week at Payson's new off-leash dog park. When it's finished in about two weeks, the 1.5-acre facility just north of the new library at Rumsey Park will be open for business. A formal, day-long grand opening festival will be held later.

Police catch daytime burglars red-handed

A 911 call from an alert neighbor in the 600 block of E. Wade at 2:23 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 17, led to the arrest of two female burglary suspects who were in the process of removing items from a home.

Police seek more victims of ID theft

Victims of fraud and forgery are just now surfacing as a result of the theft of mail from 10 separate community mailboxes in January.

8-year-old is pro on four wheels

Preston Barnett, an 8-year-old Strawberry resident, is on the fast track and scooping up the awards.

It's time to flush out the parasites

Over the past several weeks, 12 community mailboxes and two mail collection boxes have been broken into and raided for their contents .... your personal and business mail.

Doris Sturgis Harger

Doris Sturgis Harger, 90, died Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2002, in Payson. She was born Oct. 23, 1911, in Montpelier, Ohio.

Plans examiner does an excellent job

We are into our 10th year in Payson as an architectural drafting service, and I take exception to the words of Jim White regarding Town of Payson employee Jon Cadd.

What's Up?

Q: Why was Ken Murphy singled out in such a terrible, nasty, unconscionable way by your paper? Why wasn't the same investigative reporting done on Jim White and Diane Sexton?

Bahr, Gwilliam engaged

Patricia Bahr and Curt Gwilliam announce their engagement.

Marguerite Henry

Marguerite Edna Henry, 84, of Cottonwood, died Feb. 20, 2002, in Cottonwood. She was born May 19, 1917, in Pioche, Nev.

Mary Hykes

Mary "Maxine" Hykes, 90, of Payson, died, Feb. 19, 2002, in Payson. She was born Feb. 5, 1912 in Mt. Sterling, Iowa.

Mary Krueger

Mary Eileen Krueger, 82, of Payson, died, Feb. 16, 2002, in Payson. She was born Feb. 2, 1920, in Ashland, Ohio.

Women learn tips, tricks of surviving the great outdoors

Payson High School graduate Mary Pendleton, now a married mother of one and living in Mesa, would like to help women acquire time-tested outdoor skills in, what she calls, "a fun, nonthreatening manner."

Chamber is here to assist members, visitors

With respect to the Street Talk comments, which appeared in the Jan. 11 Roundup, I believe I can shed some light on the accomplishments, direction and general health of the chamber.

Identity theft can be a costly crime

The night of Jan. 11, 2002, "Ann" lost her identity. That's the night her purse was stolen out of her vehicle in Star Valley, and fell into the hands of an identity thief

Test your tastebuds at Chefs' contest

The Library Friends' annual Mayor's Cup Chefs' Competition which will cook up its much-anticipated 2002 edition Saturday evening has accomplished a lot over its four-year existence.

Stick to the high road

I applaud Jim White keeping his campaign at a high level by sticking to the issues and avoiding a mugslinging contest.

Charles W. Robinson

Charles W. Robinson, 82, died Feb. 19, 2002, in Payson. He was born Feb. 13, 1920, in Sharpsburg, Tenn.

Leo Shaffer

Leo Harold Shaffer, 82, of Pine, died Feb. 16, 2002, in Pine. He was born Sept. 20, 1919, in Cope, Colo.

Pine couple reels in Big Fish winner

For the more than 100 anglers who entered the AllStar Bass Couples Tournament held Saturday at Bartlett Lake, fishing was about as much fun as a Mike Tyson weigh-in.

Little League tryouts Saturday, draft set for Feb. 28

Little League players, coaches and officials are anxiously gearing up the spring campaign.

Clock runs out on Lady Horns

Turn out the lights, the Lady Longhorns state tournament party is over.

Rumors, untruths should be laid to rest

So many thoughts have been running through my head since I began getting responses to my call to Rim Country Forum Monday, Feb. 18. Have many of us lost the ability to be objective? Isn't truth important any more, or at least more important than image?

After five years, then what?

There was an article in the Payson Roundup dated March 16, 2001 entitled "Residents to protest property valuations."

Sonic launches Tonto Apaches into tasty new business venture

"We're excited about it," enthused Vivian Burdette, chairperson of the Tonto Apache Tribal Council. "This has been in the works for such a long time. We kept saying, 'It's coming, it's coming,' and now all of a sudden, it's here."

Spring sports should make for great action

Because both Longhorn boys and girls basketball teams qualified for the state tournament, spring coaches were forced to conduct pre-season practices without a full contingent of athletes.

77-year-old shoots for gold medal

For 77-year-old Tonto Creek Shores resident Dorothy Dixon, competing against a field of 29 men in the Senior Olympic trap shooting was a bit unnerving.

Vote 'no' on bond; the money will appear

I have a book which lists the 1950 population of Payson by Census as 342. Historical "Old Payson" is only a fantasy.

Monday, February 18

Apaches were not equal to terrorists

Having recently been in Payson, I had the opportunity to pick up a copy of The Rim Review. The first article I read was by Stan Brown.

Payson police arrest 3 on drug charges

Three Payson residents are behind bars, following the search of their Star Valley home by special enforcement officers from the Payson Police Department.

Bingo! Have dauber, will travel

First, full disclosure.

State hopes rest on 2 powerhouses

Much of the Lady Longhorns' state championship hopes will rest squarely on the shoulders of senior forward Brandi Waugh and sophomore guard Whitney Hardt.

Body of 85-year-old man found

The body of 85-year-old Paul Gaither was discovered in a wash near East Verde River about seven miles west of Payson by three hikers Friday afternoon.

Local troop scouts out badges on Catalina

Among the 20 merit badges earned last summer by members of Payson Boy Scout Troop 354 were rifle shooting, small boat sailing, wilderness survival, sports, emergency preparedness and oceanography.

New laws to regulate 4x4s, ATVs in forests

If you enjoy four-wheeling or a cruise through the countryside on an all-terrain vehicle, you might want to read, and possibly respond, to a Forest Service proposal soon to be published in the Federal Register.

Sanders boys get postseason soccer honors

To Payson High School boys soccer coach Roger Wholly's way of thinking, being voted to the 1A-3A All-State Soccer team was a huge accomplishment.

Harry Carrillo

Harry R. Carrillo, 81, of Payson, died, Feb. 12, 2002 in Mesa. He was born Dec. 19, 1920 in San Diego, Calif.

Mailbox burglar confesses

Payson resident Tiffany Vernon, 24, has been arrested and charged in connection with the burglary and theft of mail from nearly a dozen community mailboxes last month.

Drug court offers defendants alternative to jail

Four years ago, Brenda Burrows was deep into the methamphetamine habit she developed in 1985. So deep that she was selling the drug to pay for her own daily fixes.

Bureau of Reclamation proposes two-year water study

A proposed water study will look at a wide variety of options for addressing the future needs of the Rim country, a spokesperson for the Bureau of Reclamation told the Payson Town Council Thursday night.

jump rope for heart

February is National Heart Month and that's got children throughout the Rim country hopping.

Copper is not dead in Gila County

Yesterday I attended the Gila County Supervisors meeting in Globe. After the normal business was completed there was a presentation by John Main, president of Kennecott Exploration Company.

Paric aces spelling bee

After recently taking first place in the regional spelling bee, it's onto the state tournament for Frontier Elementary School fifth-grader Ben Paric.

No time for mudslinging in this election

When it was revealed last week that a French judge had been "pressured" to award a gold medal to a lesser-level figure-skating pair, there wasn't a Winter Games watcher alive who didn't recoil as if poked with a cattle prod.

Gertrude Baker

Gertrude E. (Hayden) Baker, 85 of Payson, died, Feb. 15, 2002 in Payson. She was born June 7, 1916 in Omaha, Neb. She visited Rim Resort in Forest Lakes every summer.

Louise Baumgartner

Louise Deak Baumgartner, 88, died Feb. 14, 2002 in Payson. She was born Aug. 19, 1913 in Woodbridge, N.J. to Elizabeth and Stephen Deak.

Cowboy invents portable bootjack

It may not slice or dice, but Norvall Hillmer's invention is one that cowboys and cowgals will find just about as handy as a Veg-O-Matic.

Edward Meador

Edward Arnold "Jack" Meador, 86, of Payson, died, Feb. 17, 2002. He was born one of 11 children July 13, 1915 in Joplin, Texas and had lived in Arizona since 1929.

Richard Dixon

Richard Dixon, 71, of St Louis Park, Minn., died, Feb. 2. 2002. He was born in Minneapolis, Minn. and moved to Phoenix with his family in 1943. He attended Phoenix Union High School.

Antony Shiya

Antony Joseph Shiya, 24, of Denver, Colo. died Feb. 17, 2002 in Denver. He was born June 17, 1977 in Payson.

Benjamin Miller

Benjamin Aaron Miller, 18, of Payson, died Feb. 15, 2002 in Phoenix. He was born July 21, 1983 in Mesa.

'Yes' vote on Prop. 300 a must

Wow! In less than a month, we're going to have a very important election right here in Payson. No, not the Mayor's race, although that certainly is important enough. No, not the race for three empty town council seats, which is also very important, but I mean the vote on Proposition 300.

Thursday, February 14

Longhorns hold ticket to big dance

A well rested, but inexperienced, Payson High School boys basketball team begins pursuit of the class 3A state championship Tuesday in Flagstaff.

Lee brothers lead Horn charge at state

The one-two punch of brothers Zack and Nathan Lee wrestled their way to the pinnacle of prep success at the Arizona State Championship tournament held last weekend in Phoenix.

Copper State Jam a tribute to organizers and sponsors

As promised, the Fourth Annual Copper State Jam youth basketball tournament was bigger and better than ever.

Shining new light on street bond election

I feel I must answer the uninformed description of the street bond election by Beverly Van Ast in the Feb. 8 "Mail Call" section of the Roundup.

Mayoral candidates tackle Payson's hot-potato issues

Following is Part Two of the Roundup's interviews with Payson's three mayoral candidates.

Working with your local fire department brings rewards

Payson, Star Valley and Diamond Point residents are reaping the rewards of closer working relationships between their fire departments.

Mogollon Grille gets new menu, makeover

In order to try to fill the barbecue void in the restaurant scene of Payson, Mogollon Grille owners Sue and Larry McIntyre and Dr. Bob and Debbie Thomas have altered the appearance of their bistro, and have added "Honey Bear barbecue" to their menu.

History comes alive on Main St. walking tour

Residents and visitors can see Main Street from a new perspective this Saturday by participating in a brand new walking tour that features vivid descriptions of historic sites written by town historian Stan Brown.

Main Street is a must, not an option

In a recent letter to the editor, a reader said his "litmus test" for mayoral and council candidates is their opposition to the town's participation in the revitalization of Main Street. "I will not vote for any candidate who wants to spend more money on this project," he wrote.

randalls celebrate 50th

Ron and Pat Randall celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday, Feb. 9 at a dinner party and dance hosted by their children.

mootseys to celebrate 50

George and Grace Mootsey will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Feb. 23.

Gaynell Staley

Gaynell Dorothy Staley, 64, of Payson, died, Feb. 11, 2002 in Payson. She was born Jan. 12, 1938 in Warren, Ohio

John Stanin

John Thomas Stanin, 86, of Brownwood, Texas, formerly of Payson, died, Feb. 10, 2002 in Brownwood. He was born May 30, 1915 in Utica, N.Y.

Sprinklers create flood of debate

When Payson voters cast their ballots in the March 12 primary election, one of the more complicated issues they'll face is a ballot referendum regarding fire sprinkler requirements.

hooked on hydroponics

Hydroponics, growing plants without soil, is just one of the FFA projects under way in the Payson High School greenhouse.

White, Murphy battle over 'lie'

Mayoral candidate Jim White swears he never said it.

Streets can be repaired without a bond issue

The Primary Election pamphlet shows that the estimated budgets for the coming four years include one very substantial item major capital projects which range from a low of 27.5 percent to a high of 48.9 percent of total expenditures.

Monday, February 11

Richard Richards III

Richard V. Richards III, 68, of Payson, died Feb. 2, 2002, in Phoenix. He was born June 20, 1933, in Washington, Ga.

Horns wrestle with bronze

Posting 134 points, the Longhorn wrestling team grappled its way to a third-place finish at the Class 3A state championship tournament Feb. 8 and 9 at Phoenix Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

100-day count shows .5-percent increase

The Payson Unified School District gained 113 students this year, according to the recently completed 100-day count, a slight increase of .5 percent over last year.

Athletes prepare for Grand Canyon Games

Since the inception of the Grand Canyon State Games six years ago, the Rim country has been well represented in the multisport Olympic festival.

Little League's late registration pays off

Payson Little League officials' decision last week to host a last-ditch player registration period has paid dividends.

rim country stars shine

Brothers Travis and Nick Sanders receive congratulations from their parents, Robert and Jo Sanders, after earning Class 1A-3A All-Star high school soccer honors.

New county attorney brings world of experience to office

At a young 30 years of age, newly appointed Gila County Attorney Daisy Gilker exhibits the confidence of a prosecuting attorney with 50 years experience instead of five.


Take a nonscientific poll of local hiking enthusiasts, and you'll find that they only agree on one thing:

Bogus bills passed off at local businesses

Appearances are not everything, as demonstrated by a counterfeit $100 bill that floated through a local business and ended its circulation at Bank of America where its true identity was discovered.

Moratorium relaxed on Pine water

The moratorium on new water hookups in Pine that has been in effect since 1989 has been modified by the Arizona Corporation Commission to allow 25 new hookups per month over the next three years.

Feds interested in Rim country water study

The Bureau of Reclamation will propose an areawide water resources study to the Payson Town Council at its regular meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday.

It's time to get tough on meth use

Burglary, theft, assault, DUI, child abuse, domestic violence these are just a few of the crimes related to drug use.

Let us ride our own bus

I do not think that it is right that the Payson School District has a Tonto Basin bus, but it's only for the high schoolers.

Do we really want a $3.8 million bond?

A reply please to councilman Wolfe's remarks (Roundup, Feb. 8), regarding my letter published in the Roundup, Feb. 5.

Mayoral slate "slim, none or nothing"

In reading the Friday Feb. 8 edition of the Roundup, I found three articles very disturbing.

Richard Flack

Richard Joseph Flack, 80, of Payson, died, Feb. 9, 2002, in Payson. He was born Sept. 8, 1921, in Phoenix.

Frederick McCauley

Frederick J. (Mac) McCauley, 78, of Payson, died Feb. 8, 2002, in Payson. He was born Sept. 28, 1922, in Albany, N.Y.

Thursday, February 7

PAHH selects families 9 and 10

Paul Leneberg was giving his two-year-old son a bath when he got the phone call.

Relay for Life set for June 7

As president of Rim Country Middle School's Builders Club, eighth-grader Calvin LeGassie recently became involved in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. He is the event's youth chairperson this year.

Longhorn hoopsters advance to state

Calling it "the most fun game I've played in," senior guard Ky Bradley reveled in the Longhorns' 71-52 victory over the Alchesay Falcons.

Evelyn D. Ritz

Evelyn Ritz, of Pine, died Saturday, Jan. 26, 2002.

Sturges, former Roundup editor, dies

Doris Sturges Harger, 89, died Tuesday in a Payson rest home.

ADEQ readings an insult to our intelligence

My comments are in regard to the PM10 maintenance plan for Payson and the questions that are associated with it.

Cousins under new ownership

Sandy Strothmann's near-lifelong relationship with the national Cousins Subs franchise was meant to be.

nelsen, yocom engaged

Rick and Karyn Nelsen announce the engagement of their daughter Jessica to Eric Yocom.

What happened to responsibility?

Why has it become seemingly impossible for the members of our species to accept responsibility for their own actions? Why do they continually place the blame for what they do on others, or on circumstances outside of themselves?

Citizens need to get out and vote

Just a short letter to respond to Dave Engleman's latest attack on the Town government, laced with false facts and statements.

Send your sweetheart a quartet

Attention, young lovers wherever you are.

Wrestlers prepare for journey to state

Although odds are stacked against them, Longhorn wrestlers are battling this weekend for Payson High School's 11th state championship.

Bond election not in our best interest

The bond issue that will be on the ballot, beware people of Payson.

Boelens charged with five counts of harassment

Greenlee County prosecutor Derek Rapier filed a complaint in the Payson Justice Court Jan. 28 charging Raymond Boelens, 26, with five counts of use of telephone to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend.

3 arrested at Ox Bow meth lab

Three Rim country residents were arrested early Friday morning and booked into jail after a search of a 24-foot travel trailer in Ox Bow Estates turned up a methamphetamine lab.

Monday, February 4

Pink Ladies sell sweets for the sweet

Are you looking for some unique "sweets for your sweetie" as Valentine's Day approaches?

Rim country's history is carved in stone

There is humor.

War veteran is 'dogged, aggressive, informed'

Jack Sheahan wears the title of resident curmudgeon most comfortably.

Carrie Schmitt

Carrie E. Schmitt, 85, of Payson and formerly of Apache Junction, died Jan. 28, 2002, in Payson. She was born May 16, 1916, in Romney, W. Va.

Danny Jantzen

Danny Lee Jantzen, 57, of Payson, died Feb. 3, 2002, in Payson. He was born May 5, 1944, in San Francisco.

williamses toast 62 years

Robert and Opal Lea Williams celebrated their 62nd wedding Anniversary

Hold the presidential applause

Regarding the recent President's State of the Union Address, I thought President Bush did an extremely good job, was very professional, personable, convincing and persuasive and made many good points, most of which I (and probably most of the country) support.

negris celebrate 50th

Ted and Betty Negri celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary

Home Rule is necessary for our own survival

All of us who call Payson home have a most important issue that is on the ballot for the primary election March 12. It is far more important than choosing a new mayor and three councilmembers; it is the "Home Rule Option."

James Hines, Jr.

James Henry Hines, Jr., 52, of Payson, died Jan. 29, 2002. He was born Dec. 18, 1949, in Pawtucket, R.I. and had lived in Arizona for the past 35 years.

Sharon Brown-Tabor

Sharon S. Brown-Tabor, 38, of Houston, Texas, where she had lived since 1980. She was born Sept. 7, 1963, in Denver, Colo.

Drama students do well at contests

It's been not only a busy but also a controversial time for the Payson High School Drama Department.

The hypocrisy of animal rights groups

I am writing this in response to Carla Bennett's letter about "Horrific animal abuse" that occurs in rodeos.

Know the candidates; get out and vote

It appears that the outgoing administration has driven one more stake into the heart of Payson's quality of life.

The difference one vote can make

At this moment, wherever mayoral and town council elections are unfolding, editorial writers are pounding out their keen observations on how one vote does make a big difference.

Transplant a life-or-death matter for Rim country infant

When Geoffrey Daniel Byrne was born Aug. 10, 2001, says his grandmother, Mary Byrne, he was "the most perfect baby you ever saw."

Real estate agents say sprinkler proposition is all wet

Concerns of a group of local businessmen upset over the wording of a ballot referendum regarding sprinkler requirements are so much smoke, according to Payson Fire Chief John Ross.

Fire caused by extension cord, fire marshal says

An extension cord used to power a television and VCR is being blamed for starting a fire in the home of Dan and Jackie Scott in the 2500 block of West Bulla Friday night, Feb. 1.

TV, CPR help mechanic save a life

Jason Crary watches a lot of television. And nobody is happier about that than Tom Gallatin.

More than ridiculous

When public education is involved, the Arizona Legislature has come up with more than its fair share of hair-brained schemes.

Record 48 youth hoop teams expected for Jam

A first girls' bracket will highlight this weekend's Fourth Annual Copper State Jam youth basketball tournament.

Grapplers ready for state championships

The East runner-up Longhorn wrestling team travels to Veterans' Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix Thursday for the 3A state championships scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. on eight mats.

Longhorn boys, girls battle for state survival

It's crunch time for the Payson High basketball teams.