Know The Candidates; Get Out And Vote



It appears that the outgoing administration has driven one more stake into the heart of Payson's quality of life.

Fifty or more new homes are to be built in the wooded area behind the Rim Country Mall.

Creating the nonsense of building another gas station at the corner of Beeline and Airport road and the destruction of the peace and quiet of the residents at the Oak Trailer Park and you have a major snafu.

What was the term coined by "Forest Gump" in the movie of the same name? "Stupid is as stupid does."

Registered voters you must get out and vote in March. Know the candidates. Take note of those running who have lived here for some time and have studied the problems of the last six years. There are some good candidates. Unfortunately, there are some disasters waiting to happen. If you know of a realtor who has a sign in the front of his or her house, you might want to disagree with that and look for someone else.

There will be a debate at the Tonto Apache gym for candidates for mayor on Feb. 25 and town council Feb. 26. It will be recorded by Channel 7 and shown on TV the next day. Watch this newspaper for the time for the meeting and the TV showing.

Dave Engleman


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