The Hypocrisy Of Animal Rights Groups



I am writing this in response to Carla Bennett's letter about "Horrific animal abuse" that occurs in rodeos. She says she is a Senior Writer for PETA. PETA is the self-proclaimed savior of all creatures great and small. They freely use intimidation and harassment on those who may disagree.

As a hunter safety instructor, I have seen this first hand.

Local Animal Rights group CAARE (Handing out PETA information) shouted and harassed 10- to 14-year-old children attending our classes. They came inside our class and called me (a vulgar name). They suggested we attend their meetings to learn the error of our ways. I did attend and was amazed at their hypocrisy.

They argued continuously about circuses, zoos, rodeos, hunting, fishing, medical testing, etc. Some thought one was OK and another terrible. Surprisingly most were not vegetarians. Some at the meetings wore leathers shoes or belts. (You know leather is "fur" with the hair removed?)

I just listened at the meetings and only spoke when they asked me one or two questions. After several meetings, they asked me to join their group and when I declined, they asked me to leave.

Wearing leather or (God forbid) fur is a mortal sin. PETA members "The Dixie Chicks" (singing group) say "they would rather go naked than wear fur" and have done so. A few supermodels also joined in. Women stripping naked in public to help us understand morality is an interesting concept.

PETA has a website and I recommend looking at it. Another animal rights group worth looking at is the ALF (Animal Liberation Front). Intimidation and harassment are way beneath them. Their creed is "to damage or destroy property or equipment associated with animal abuse." They decide what is abuse.

I believe most people think animals can be used for a wide variety of things, and still be treated in a humane way. PETA does not.

James Young


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