Boelens Charged With Five Counts Of Harassment


Greenlee County prosecutor Derek Rapier filed a complaint in the Payson Justice Court Jan. 28 charging Raymond Boelens, 26, with five counts of use of telephone to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend. All of the charges are class one misdemeanors.

Boelens, 26, has been incarcerated in the Gila County jail since Nov. 29, 2000, after being arrested on four counts of terrorism. The arrest stemmed from phone calls he made to the Gila County Sheriff's Department Nov. 1, threatening to blow up the jail, a local business, and a threat to kill the president.

The calls were made from a residence in Palmdale, Calif. Boelens was arrested the same day by the FBI and Secret Service, however, the two agencies did not seek federal charges against Boelens.

In an interview with the Roundup Nov. 30, Boelens confessed to making the calls and said he did not remember all of what he said as he was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.

The case was turned over to Greenlee County by former Gila County Attorney Jim Hazel due to a conflict of interest. Hazel, who was a defense attorney prior to being elected county attorney, had represented Boelens in a prior case.

Boelens, who was on probation in Gila County prior to his arrest, has been unable to bond out of jail due to a probation violation.

The Roundup made several calls to the probation department in an effort to find out why Boelens is on probation, however, the calls were not returned.

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