Bond Election Not In Our Best Interest



The bond issue that will be on the ballot, beware people of Payson.

You are being asked to pass a bond issue, which is like a charge card purchase of $5 million with interest at 8 percent for 15 years.

The money to do some streets was used for other things in the past. What makes you think that won't happen again?

With the economy of our country and our state in a decline and in a middle of a costly war (with no end in sight), does it make good sense to charge $5,000,000?

City councils, in the past, have sold our water rights, now they are expecting us to give them an open pocketbook.

Our taxes in Payson are already very high. This, added to our already tax burdens, will be a shock to all taxpayers. Now and for the next 17 years. This will not be in the best interest of the town or the business or property values.

Are our streets really that bad? Remember, $5 million.

Beverly Van Alst


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