Citizens Need To Get Out And Vote



Just a short letter to respond to Dave Engleman's latest attack on the Town government, laced with false facts and statements. No, Dave, the Town has not approved a 50-plus subdivision behind the Rim Country Mall. But consider this if anybody did, they would have to provide new water to supply those homes. They would also have to improve the streets around that parcel instead of the taxpayers.

In response to the proposed gas station at Airport Road and Beeline, let me ask you do you believe in property rights? Do you believe in people being allowed to make a living and a profit? I would hope so its called capitalism. Let me point out that the property is currently zoned for commercial use.

I do agree with Mr. Engleman that we need our citizens to get out and vote. Also, please watch the debates, and vote for those candidates who have a forward vision for our Town, not a rearview mirror.

Dick Wolfe


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