Do We Really Want A $3.8 Million Bond?



A reply please to councilman Wolfe's remarks (Roundup, Feb. 8), regarding my letter published in the Roundup, Feb. 5.

It regards the 50-plus homes to be built in the now wooded area behind the Rim Country Mall.

Running across a survey crew in that area while walking my puppy, I asked if someone was finally going to develop this area. They said, "Yes, something big." Asking the right people (I thought), I was told 50 homes.

At a recent meeting with Town employees, the remark, quote, "Another project proposed just east of the police department, residential in nature." I asked, "Is that the 50 homes being built behind the Rim Country Mall?" The reply, "50 plus."

The truth is, the plan calls for 55 condominiums and perhaps rental apartments. Council Wolfe is correct in saying the project is not "approved" yet. The developer must find water. From this point, I do not want to say more. There are some twists and turns to that part of the deal.

Regardless, someone has spent a lot of money and the pretty ribbons on the trees in the area say something.

The main point is this. The Town wants the voters to approve a bond of $3.8 million. For road improvements. One million dollars is directed to paving Manzanita Street from Timber to Highway 260. This repaving has been on hold for years waiting for some developer to come in and build along that road and become responsible for part or all of the paving.

Do we want to approve a bond for $3.8 million if it is not needed? Road money has been squandered in this town for years and we are already in debt $1.1 million to improve McLane off Main Street to pretty up the corner for the costly Main Street Project.

Another gas station? Yes, putting a gas station with a brake repair shop on the corner of Airport and Beeline is a thoughtless approval. Air powered tools popping all day long will be a hardship to the residents of the Oak Trailer Park.

Dave Engleman


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