Mayoral Slate "Slim, None Or Nothing"



In reading the Friday Feb. 8 edition of the Roundup, I found three articles very disturbing.

No. 1 (Murphy addresses questions of image): Although I respect Mr. Murphy's right to socialize in any manner he chooses, I find the misuse of his position as a member of the Town Council most offensive and can't help wonder if elected Mayor, would not abuse this position even more. The office of Mayor is to represent all of the citizens both within the Town limits and around the state. I personally would not care for Mr. Murphy's type of representation.

Article No. 2 (Sexton describes what she calls "home"): Certainly Mrs. Sexton does not expect us to believe in her very transparent effort to meet the residency requirement for mayor. The key word here is "primary." Merely placing a cot or bed in a building you own which happens to be within the town limits does not meet the requirement for mayoral candidates to have their primary residence maintained within the boundaries of the town.

Article No. 3 (White defends his "newcomer" status): Regarding Mr. White's lack of long-term residency, as long as he meets the prescribed requirements perhaps it is time for someone who has a less narrow view of our Town to bring to the office a fresh view. However, Mr. White has frequently stated publicly that he is a "Professional Politician." I find this a very negative term and can only hope that what he really means is that he will bring to the office, if elected, professionalism and a degree of competency.

One can only feel that the mayoral slate is somewhat "slim, none and nothing". I can think of at least five members of the community who would make excellent mayoral candidates. Isn't it about time that some of these more qualified citizens step up to the plate. Those qualifications being an open mind, no personal agenda and a sense of duty to give back to their community.

Shirley Snyder


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