Apaches Were Not Equal To Terrorists



Having recently been in Payson, I had the opportunity to pick up a copy of The Rim Review. The first article I read was by Stan Brown.

Essentially, Mr. Brown's article, entitled "When Terrorism Gripped the Rim Country," equated the tragic events of Sept. 11 with the American invasion of the Rim country. I use the word invasion instead of settlement because that is exactly what it was; an attempt to displace individuals who occupied a certain territory and to take that territory for themselves.

I refer, of course, to Americans invading the lands Anglos raped, pillaged, and plundered their way onto lands of others in their unquenchable thirst for land and profit.

Perhaps Mr. Brown should have considered a view other than his when equating defense of one's homeland to the terrorist attack of Sept. 11.

As I continue to write about this topic, I am becoming increasingly aware of how incensed I am that defense by the Apaches is equated to the attacks of terrorists. It is my sincere hope that other people were also outraged and expressed it in some manner.

Beau J. Goldstein


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