'Yes' Vote On Prop. 300 A Must



Wow! In less than a month, we're going to have a very important election right here in Payson. No, not the Mayor's race, although that certainly is important enough. No, not the race for three empty town council seats, which is also very important, but I mean the vote on Proposition 300.

If Prop. 300 doesn't receive a majority of "yes" votes, then the whole town is in deep trouble regardless of which candidates get elected. Let me keep it simple; would you prefer that the Town of Payson be able to decide for itself how to spend its own money, or to let the State of Arizona tie up 57 percent of the Town's General Fund? That's over $9,000,000 of our total budget that we wouldn't be able to use.

If you agree that Payson deserves the right to control its own money, then you are a supporter of Home Rule. And, as a supporter of Home Rule, you need to vote yes on Proposition 300. And please, ask everyone you know that intends to vote on March 12, to vote yes.

Buck Horn

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