8-Year-Old Is Pro On Four Wheels


Preston Barnett, an 8-year-old Strawberry resident, is on the fast track and scooping up the awards.

Barnett was recently honored as the series point winner at Thunder Raceway in Show Low.

Barnett races in the QUAD 50 cc pee wee division. He is quickly becoming a veteran having won the all-around racer award as well as numerous other trophies throughout the past year.

While the average third-grade boy is honing his baseball skills in the spring, Barnett spends his spare time practicing his jumping, turning and high-speed quad maneuvers on a track custom built in his front yard.

And at his young age, there are some frustrations associated with racing.

"I like going fast and I don't like it when someone blocks me from passing," Barnett said.

His mother, Jessica, said her son does have one other addiction.

"He loves the Playstation," she said, "but of course, he plays the racing games."

Barnett is currently on a racing hiatus until the new series begins in April. At that time, he will be on the road with his parents as they try and keep up with the 18-race schedule.

Barnett's racing career is sponsored by Payson Eye Care, Uncle Tom's Kwik Stop and Four Seasons Motor Sports.

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