Chamber Is Here To Assist Members, Visitors



With respect to the Street Talk comments, which appeared in the Jan. 11 Roundup, I believe I can shed some light on the accomplishments, direction and general health of the chamber.

The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce has two visitor centers. One center is in the Pine/Strawberry Museum and the other at 100 W. Main Street. Fifty dedicated volunteers work to provide every tourist and local resident with enlightening information about local attractions, destination directions, answers to countless questions and general business referrals. (Volunteer applications are always welcome).

Visitors who state they would like to buy or start a business are given special attention. Why? Quite possibly these business people may ensure a local businesses survival or affect the hiring of a local resident. All are referred to the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation.

As a community, we need to give our visitors and ourselves many reasons to shop Main Street. The Town of Payson, Main Street Coordinator, PREDC, many committee members and the chamber are diligently working to identify ways to promote business and customers, to eventually create a synergy that will encourage an economic resurgence in the Main Street area.

We all would like more incentives to shop our local merchants. When we receive fliers or newspaper inserts giving dollars off, we should let the owner or manager know that we appreciate the discount. When a merchant sponsors our children's sports team, our child receives a scholarship, fund-raising collects thousands of dollars for local activities or we buy those coupon books, we should remember that much of that money is actually coming out of the pockets of our local merchants. Let's thank our merchants for good service, broad displays and discounts. Your loyalty helps our merchants survive.

To save a few more dollars, access, and click on Local Coupons. These coupons can be printed on your printer.

Chamber newsletters are available in the chamber's lobby, as are hundreds of brochures from chamber members featuring benefits of their businesses. The chamber has brochures from communities throughout Arizona, rack of fliers concerning churches, volunteer groups, motels, restaurants, places to visit, hiking maps, phone books and information sheets on current and future events. Nearly everything is free.

The chamber will do everything it can that is in the best interest of the residents and chamber members of our beautiful Mogollon Rim area.

We currently are promoting this area to international tour operators. The chamber and the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee will produce the 118th Annual World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo. The list could go on and on.

Please drop in and share your thoughts or call 474-4515. We are here to assist our visitors and you.

Bob Ware, Executive Director

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