It's Time To Flush Out The Parasites


Over the past several weeks, 12 community mailboxes and two mail collection boxes have been broken into and raided for their contents .... your personal and business mail.

The thefts are being committed by the parasites who have chosen to exploit the good people of the Rim country.

These parasites also double as dopersites, burglarsites, thiefsites, robbersites ... and oh yes, child neglectsites.

For the most part, these mailbox marauders do not have gainful employment ... they are too busy conniving and conjuring up ways to steal from those who do work for a living.

Recent evidence gathered by local law enforcement tells us that the mailboxes are being raided for financial gain with no concern of your financial and emotional loss. With your stolen information, they are opening charge accounts, writing forged checks and applying for loans.

In other words, these bandits are surviving and supporting their drug habits and criminal activity by sucking the life out of your good credit and name.

According to Webster's, "parasites contribute nothing to the survival of their host."

It is time to reach for the spray ... parasiticide.

The local law enforcement agencies have stepped up their fight to flush out the letter looters.

In today's paper there is a story of a woman who is the victim of identity theft, along with a list of the mailboxes that had been vandalized. If you received mail during the month of January at one of the boxes listed, contact your banking institution for instructions on how to check your accounts. Most importantly contact the credit bureau to see if there has been activity involving your credit.

If you find that a parasite has locked onto your good name, contact your local law enforcement agency.

It will be the first step to flush out and drive away the parasites.

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