Plans Examiner Does An Excellent Job



We are into our 10th year in Payson as an architectural drafting service, and I take exception to the words of Jim White regarding Town of Payson employee Jon Cadd.

While I'm not very familiar with mayoral candidate Jim White's background, I have had a professional relationship with Jon Cadd since he became a Plans Examiner (not a Building Inspector, as reported in the Roundup article of Feb. 15: White, Murphy Battle over 'lie'). Jon Cadd and Ray LaHaye have introduced and maintained a level of professionalism that was sorely lacking prior to their arrival at the Community Development Department.

For Jim White to say that he was going to "sit down with Cadd and discuss the problems" with some "Payson residents" suggests to me that White doesn't understand the function of Mr. Cadd's job, or he doesn't understand why there is such a position as Cadd's to protect the citizenry from shoddy and dangerous construction practices.

Cadd's job is to make sure that all drawings for construction adhere to current building codes, which he takes very seriously. Having worked with Jon Cadd and Ray LaHaye over the years. I find them to be all-protective for homebuyer's interests, and extremely informed of current building codes. This suggests to me that "complaints from Payson residents regarding Cadd" may be due to those residents being uninformed as to their own best interests.

Herb Bartholomew, Payson

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