Vote 'No' On Bond; The Money Will Appear



I have a book which lists the 1950 population of Payson by Census as 342. Historical "Old Payson" is only a fantasy.

The Payson Town Council squandered the citizens' "street money" on a Main Street history dream. Now they want to raise everybody's property taxes (by bond issue) to cover their tracks.

Payson is a retirement community. Just look at the average age of local people shopping in our markets they are much older than you see in Phoenix.

Social Security payments have not kept up with continuous Gila County property tax increases. Prescription drug costs have doubled within the past five years but they are not covered by Social Security.

If the people will vote down the "bond issue for streets," the "street money" will then appear just like the "no bonded" library did.

Nicholas Brotcke, Payson

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