What's Up?


Q: Why was Ken Murphy singled out in such a terrible, nasty, unconscionable way by your paper? Why wasn't the same investigative reporting done on Jim White and Diane Sexton?

A: Roundup reporter Charlene Hunt conducted background searches on all the candidates, including those running for town council. Hunt's research involved public record requests, not only in Payson, but in three other counties within the state. All the information collected can be obtained from the appropriate agencies by any citizen. The Roundup believes it acted responsibly and in the best interest of the voters.

Q: Why are councilmembers issued badges that resemble police badges when they can be misused? Who issues them? I recommend they be recalled.

A: It's a tradition that goes back some 20 years, according to Police Chief Gordon Gartner. While the police department no longer issues the badges, the town clerk's office does. "We do it because they are officers of the town and they need to identify themselves at various functions," said Town Clerk Silvia Smith.

Q: If somebody wanted to be considered as a write-in candidate in the local election, what do they have to do?

A: According to Town Clerk Silvia Smith, there is still time for somebody to step forward but not much.

"Somebody who wants to be a write-in candidate has to file all the same stuff as regular candidates," she said. "The only thing different is they don't need the nominating petitions."

The deadline to file is Tuesday, Feb. 26

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