Mayor Declines Write-In Campaign Offer



As we rapidly approach the close of election year 2002, there have been rumors circulating that I may be seeking reelection to the office of mayor as a "write-in" candidate. Although I have been approached and encouraged by some to do so, and honored by the request, I wish to reiterate my previous statement that I shall not seek re-election to the office of mayor.

The equation for this election is well in place and the candidates are presenting their various platforms to the voting public. I do not intend to disrupt that equation. Furthermore, I continue to support mayoral candidate Jim White, as I have publicly stated in the past.

All the candidates should be commended for their demonstrated citizenship by stepping forward and declaring their willingness to serve. Regardless of the outcome, I stand prepared to assist the new mayor and his leadership team in any capacity deemed appropriate.

I urge all citizens to assess the candidates and the issues carefully and cast your vote wisely. Vote your choice, but participate in this most cherished of our freedoms by casting your vote!

Ray Schum

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