Murphy Is The Qualified Choice For Payson


Murphy is the qualified choice for Payson


It was clearly evident that good professional journalism flew right out the window when the Roundup published the (no byline) article on the mayoral candidates in its Friday, Feb. 8 edition.

Whoever crafted that column should be drawn and quartered for questionable motive while masquerading as a reporter.

Defaming Mr. Murphy, who has demonstrated continuous and responsible leadership as a Payson (town) councilmember for many years, is not what this election is all about. Qualifications are.

Very importantly, it might interest readers to know that the other two candidates have absolutely no hands-on local government qualification to offer. That's pretty important stuff, and far more newsworthy than beating up on Murphy.

The next mayor of Payson must be thoroughly familiar with the short- and long-term needs of our (town).

Ken Murphy has been in the trenches of many important issues which Payson has faced in the past, thus preparing him for leadership and vision in the time ahead.

As an individual, he is a caring and involved person, contributing generously of his time and concern for numerous causes, organizations and individuals in our community. The man is a registered nurse, a business manager and dutifully persists in his military service to our country. He is experienced, qualified and a good choice for Payson.

Mike Macfarlane


(Editor's note: The Feb. 8 article the writer refers to "Candidates Answer The Tough Questions" carried no byline because the entire Roundup editorial staff contributed to the article in some way.)

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